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Steam Condensate Pipe Sizing: Steam and Steam Heat Exchanger Basics Part 6

Today’s HVAC and Process engineers may choose any number of pipe sizing programs for steam and condensate applications. Put in a load and a pressure

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Steam Pipe Sizing: Steam and Steam Heat Exchanger Basics Part 5

Steam pipe sizing is easy with today’s sizing programs. What is behind the programs?  This question and others like it are answered in the R

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Pump Training with Operation Engineers Local 324

Mark Fine presented to the Operating Engineers Local 324 at the Stationary Education Center & Apprenticeship on January 16, 2017. This training session covered basic

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Condensate Drop Leg and Pipe Size: Steam and Steam Heat Exchanger Basics Part 4

A few weeks ago we discussed the steam pipe size entering a shell and tube heat exchanger, also called a convertor. This week we turn our

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steam-to-water heat exchanger system with condensate drop leg labeled

What Is a Flow-Limiting Cartridge or Automatic Balancing Valve?

The flow-limiting cartridge is the heart of the automatic balancing valve and lets the valve act as the maximum flow rate controller.  This maximum flow

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Flow rate cartridge

Vacuum Breakers: Steam and Steam Heat Exchanger Basics Part 3

  This week we take a look at the vacuum breaker on a steam-to-water heat exchanger. Steam-to-water heat exchangers, or steam heating coils with on-off

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diagram of a steam-to-water heat exchanger with vacuum breaker

Why Use Low Steam Pressure: Steam Heat Exchanger Basics Part 2

A recent engineering graduate asked a question about reducing steam pressure before using the steam for heating and domestic water heat exchangers: Why do you

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diagram of steam pressure in a Bell & Gossett heat exchanger system

Understanding Steam and Steam Heat Exchangers: Part 1

Steam heating systems are a bit of a mystery for many engineers and contractors. Much of the “old school” knowledge on steam heat exchangers retired

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system diagram of a steam heat exchanger

Steam Inlet Pipe Size of Steam-to-Water Heat Exchangers

Many institutional and industrial projects use steam to heat the water for hydronic heating, domestic water, or processes. The pipe size prior to the steam

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diagram of a Bell and Gossett series SU steam-to-water heat exchanger

Steam Humidifier Condensate Handling: Humidification Basics Part 15

Proper operation of steam humidifiers includes proper handling of the condensate created while heating the metal surfaces. This week, the Monday Morning Minutes post provides some

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humidifier distribution panels
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