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The Four Types of Heat Exchanger Failures

Knowing how to prevent heat exchanger failures can help eliminate expensive repairs down the road. Bell & Gossett Chief Product engineer, Marvin P. Schwartz detailed the four

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U tube heat exchanger

Steam Isothermal Humidification: Humidification Basics Part 6

In many ways, Psychrometrics is like a Rubik’s Cube. Change one thing, and you automatically change something else. But instead of shifting colored cubes around,

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steam isothermal humidification

Calculating Humidification Loads for Economizer Cycle Systems: Humidification Basics Part 5

Now that we’ve learned how to calculate a basic humidification load, we need to understand how to do the same when an economizer cycle is

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Calculating Natural and Mechanical Loads: Humidification Basics Part 4

How do we determine how much moisture should be added to the air for a given application? In other words, how do we calculate the

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Bell & Gossett Suction Diffuser Plus Product of the Year

Suction Diffuser Plus receives Bronze Award in annual reader’s choice program    For the sixth time since 2010, Xylem Inc., a global water technology leader

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B&G Suction Diffuser Plus

Psychrometrics Made Easy: Humidification Basics Part 3

What is psychrometrics? It’s a big and intimidating word to be sure and the common definition, the study of the physical and thermodynamic properties of gas-vapor

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How to Determine Impeller Size with Shut-off Head

Here is a quick way to determine impeller size from the No Flow point on the pump curve. Tools needed: 1) Pump curve. Select the

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Humidification Basics Part 2: Mastering Humidification Terms

Humidification is one of those areas where the terminology can often be a roadblock to understanding the topic. After all, we’re not all meteorologists! Since

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why humidify?

Humidification Basics: Why We Humidify in Building Design

Ever hear the phrase, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity”? It’s all about humidification in this Monday morning Minute series. In the commercial HVAC

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Ultrasorb MP with 4 insulated tubes on 6-inch centers

Parallel Pumping: 2-Position Control Valves on Multiple Cooling Towers (Part 5)

Over the last few weeks the Monday Morning Minutes posts have looked at pumping issues with multiple condensers and pumps. One of our most-received questions

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