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New Gemini Differential Pressure Flow Meter

Preso, a brand of Badger Meter, introduces its Gemini Differential Pressure Flow Meter. This meter is great for steam systems and has an  extremely stable

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New larger sizes of the ecocirc® XL self-contained variable speed inline pump

Bell and Gossett, a Xylem brand, announced the new larger sizes of the ecocirc® XL self-contained variable speed inline pump. This very successful energy-saving pump is

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A Look at Servicing Bell and Gossett, a Xylem brand, VSX Double Suction Pumps

We’ve been there before – facing service of an unknown piece of equipment. This month’s service tip looks at Bell and Gossett, a Xylem brand, VSX

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The return of Deppmann Monday Morning Minutes and other blog topics

The series begins Many of the Deppmann customers were disappointed when Monday Morning Minute articles slowed down a year ago. These brief technical blog articles

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Steam Vent Operating Pressure

I have a 15 psig steam system which operates at about 7 PSIG most of the time. Is the Hoffman Main Steam Vent Model 75

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Can I change my Vacuum Condensate Pump to a Simple condensate Pump? (Part 3)

When you use the word vacuum with most people, they think of sucking something up like a vacuum cleaner does. There are times that vacuum

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Can I change my Vacuum Condensate Pump to a Simple condensate Pump? (Part 2)

Printer Friendly (PDF) We began a series about vacuum condensate units and introduced one of their uses: the reduction of time to bring a building

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Jet Type vacum pump

Can I Change My Vacuum Condensate Pump to a Simple Condensate Pump? (Part 1)

Every heating season we get, at least, a half dozen calls with the question above, which is the subject of today’s R. L. Deppmann Monday

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Vacuum heating units

B&G Triple Duty® valves or Metraflex check valves on your variable speed hydronic pumps (Revisited)

Our Monday Morning Minute (MMM) in September outlined the value and need of using Bell and Gossett triple duty valves in variable speed pumping applications.

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Triple Duty Valve Blog

Using the New Bell and Gossett System Syzer Programs PART 3

Xylem Bell and Gossett recently announced the new System Syzer programs for your computer. You may download these through links on our website at the

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System Syzer Diagram
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