Glycol Pressure Drop Corrections for Hydronic Systems (Part 2)

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Last week the article covered pressure drop correction calculations. Today we offer you some handy charts to use for second glycol correction pressure drop. Example: I have calculated the water piping pressure drop through a chilled water system to be 80 feet using the System Syzer. Question: What is the pressure drop if I have 50% Ethylene Glycol/Water with temperatures of 45°F to 55°F? Answer: The average temperature is 50°F, so my factor is 1.47. [Read more…]

Pressure Drop Corrections for Glycol in HVAC Systems (Part 1)

Norm HallMonday Morning Minutes, Pumps, Glycol, Selection and Specification, Curves, Glycol and Water Quality, Corrections

Question: I have selected my piping friction loss based on water, but I am pumping a glycol solution. What correction do I use? Answer: There are three glycol corrections when designing a hydronic or process cooling system; heat transfer correction, pressure drop correction, and pump curve correction. This R L Deppmann Monday Morning Minute defines the second of three glycol corrections. [Read more…]