Equipment & Parts Service

The Deppmann Customer Service Team—We're with You Every Step of the Way

Whether you're a wholesaler, service contractor or owner, our customer service team can help you identify the root cause of issues and help you select the right parts for your system.

Our Startup & Warranty Team makes sure our equipment is working properly from the start. Our knowledgeable Customer Service Team helps you identify the parts or products you need when you need them. Our experienced service techs are there when you have a question about how to do routine maintenance or repair a down piece of equipment.

The right parts in the right place

RLD works closely with our wholesalers to make sure you have the common parts you need in your area at any time. Wherever you are in Michigan or Northern Ohio, a Deppmann wholesaler is conveniently located near you. We support our wholesalers with four warehouses located throughout Michigan and Ohio.

RLD Startup & Warranty

Experience tells us that equipment which is installed properly and working right from the beginning lasts far longer than equipment that is not. R.L. Deppmann provides startup services on all major equipment that we provide to ensure that your equipment performs as it should right from the start.


Our extensive wholesaler network and four warehouses ensure you have the parts where you need them when you need them.

Service & Maintenance

R. L. Deppmann’s vast experience in servicing and maintaining the equipment we sell goes well beyond the initial sale. Tap into our knowledge through a series of classes and videos geared towards the installer, the service contractor and the owner.

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We offer superior products from over thirty-five different manufacturers.


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