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Saginaw Office V03R. L. Deppmann - Serving the Greater Saginaw Area Since 1956

Ray Deppmann started the Saginaw branch in 1956. The first branch manager Ray Hurlbut was sent from Detroit to open a new location in Bridgeport. Hurlbut immediately began hiring and Art Turner was employed as the first salesman. After a few years Art hired his wife Bonnie and son Jeff and they ran the office for many years. In 2002, the current facility was opened on Baron Drive. The name Baron Drive was chosen by Jeff & Art Turner to acknowledge their love of flying.  To this day, both are still avid flyers even though they are no longer with Deppmann. In 2006 Jon Fischer became the branch manager.

6200 Baron Drive
Bridgeport, MI 48722
Ph: (989) 652-3049
Fax: (989) 652-3324

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