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R L Deppmann is committed to meeting the mechanical contractor's needs. We stock pumps, and pump trim up to 8” size. Suppose that your customer needs a chilled water or heating system retrofit and you are asked to do it in a few weeks. Deppmann can assist you in the schematic layout of the system, capacities required, product selection, and product delivery in a matter of days. We can provide the CAD drawings for your plans. Example of a CAD Drawing Accessible via RLD: Metraflex Flex Connector.

RLD Product Stocking Capability

The request: A 400 ton air cooled primary secondary chilled water system may be provided with end suction B&G 1510 secondary base mounted pumps rated 960 GPM at 80 feet, two inline series 80 inline pumps for 960 GPM at 30 feet, two variable speed drives with pressure differential sensor, four 8” suction diffusers, four 8” triple duty valves, ten 8” flexible connectors, a 8” flow meter, and a flow switch.

The solution: R. L. Deppmann will have everything ready for pickup with trimmed and balanced impellers in 5 to 7 days. Faster expediting is sometimes possible.

Plan and Specification Support

Deppmann has a complete department ready to provide you a quotation on every project. Some suppliers pick and choose the projects they bid based on time and potential for an order. Deppmann understands that you need a consistent source of pricing without spending valuable time chasing down the suppliers. Private project? Call us or use our contact form and we will respond quickly. The plan and specification world is an extremely competitive landscape. Winning or losing depends on the control of labor costs. Working with R. L. Deppmann can help you manage these costs. Whether you need help reducing hard costs with the installation of glycol or need our expertise in preparing your bid, you can count on us.

Value engineering is in our wheelhouse

The Deppmann engineering team understands both the products and the whole system design. This allows us to be a valuable resource in Design Build, Energy turn-key, and VE endeavors. Whether your system is hydronics, steam, plumbing, or snowmelt, the team at Deppmann has the product knowledge, experience and expertise to help you develop a solution that meets all of your project objectives.

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