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System design solutions you can count on—from a trusted name in the heating, cooling, and plumbing industry

We’re more than an equipment supplier. The experts at R. L. Deppmann know heating, cooling and plumbing systems. We go beyond product knowledge to provide you with the experience and engineering support you need for your project. With an R. L. Deppmann expert in your corner, you can count on the right system being specified for even the most complex, unique and comprehensive projects.

Engineering Support Services

R. L. Deppmann offers support services as well as tools and selection software to engineers looking to design heating, cooling and plumbing systems for commercial or industrial applications. These services include the following:

Schematic/Pre-Design Project Phase

R. L. Deppmann can provide you with:

  • A list of major equipment, equipment box dimensions (including service clearance), power requirements & system type recommendations: A call to Deppmann may save you hours of data entry into factory website selection programs just to get rough dimensions.
  • (N+x) strategies for boiler, water heaters, and pumping systems: There may be ‘first cost’ implications, life cycle cost considerations, and even space considerations which will assist you with developing the best proposal for your client.

Design Development Project Phase

R. L. Deppmann will work with you to provide design assistance. We can assist with:

  • Optimizing the equipment type to match client needs
  • Equipment selections
  • Recommended product trim
  • Equipment efficiency
  • Energy and life cycle analysis
  • Budget pricing

Contract Documents

The team at R. L. Deppmann can help you ensure that your specification matches the products selected during Design Development. Where needed, we will provide you with CAD drawings, revit product files, dimensions, final schedule development & job-specific system details.

William P. Faust Public Library Project

See how Deppmann installed 1,100 gallons of Glycol with 1 person in a couple of hours.

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