Education is Core to R. L. Deppmann

From the inception of the R. L. Deppmann Company in 1927, Ray Deppmann and his team taught the industry about new hydronic heating system technology. “TO TEACH” remains a core value of the company today. We are proud to offer classes and seminars that bring new technologies and service tips to the customers we serve.

Design and Application

RLD provides regular engineering design classes and seminars on both basic and advanced subjects in the HVAC and Plumbing world. Deppmann employees are members of industry groups such as ASHRAE and ASPE so we understand changes in Industry Standards and how they affect both products and system design. We use that knowledge to create seminars which are regularly updated. Visit our class schedule pages for more details.

Owners Training

Deppmann products enjoy long, trouble-free operation as a result of our comprehensive owner's training programs. We provide training at the start when the equipment is first commissioned. We continue that training through available on-site visits and our customer service department. Many company's responsibility ends with the sale of the product. Deppmann remains there for you through the life of the product.

Service and maintenance

Deppmann and our manufacturers support you with hands-on and classroom service/maintenance training. Hands-on troubleshooting and maintenance classes are available at:

Choosing the right product

Choosing the right product to blend system type, owner requirements, budget and energy cost requires an expert. Deppmann is staffed with those experts. We provide short programs to walk you through all the latest advances in product choices.

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