Training Opportunities

R. L. Deppmann 2019 Training Schedule

    • Increasing Water Pressure with Booster Systems  - Lunch Meetings, March 2019  (Cleveland, Greater Detroit, Grand Rapids, Toledo)

    This seminar will review key design criteria and industry standards when designing pressure booster systems. The seminar will cover pressure calculations, tank sizing and need, number of pumps required, and matching the type of pressure booster with the clients’ needs. The attendee can expect to gain advanced knowledge to size, select, and specify pressure booster systems in plumbing applications.

    • Getting into Hot Water with Domestic Water Heating -  Lunch Meetings, April 2019  (Cleveland, Greater Detroit, Grand Rapids, Toledo)

    The seminar defines the difference between various types of water heaters in domestic water systems. Determining the capacity required when using instantaneous or tank type water heaters. The attendee can expect to gain advanced knowledge of sizing and selection each type of water heater system and how to apply them.

    • Getting Back to Basics with Boilers -  Lunch Meetings, May 2019  (Cleveland, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Toledo)

    This seminar will review the different types of hydronic boilers in the marketplace. In addition, the seminar will identify the detailing of installation, control, and specification. The attendee will understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type of boiler along with application of these products in different hydronic systems.

    Deppmann Conducts More than 100 classes each year

    Deppmann provides a series of classes and seminars available to our Owner, Engineer, Contractor, and Wholesaler customers. Together with our manufacturer partners, we can provide standard or customized educational opportunities to meet your training needs. Below is a short list of courses that are regularly scheduled throughout the year:

    • Hands-on field pump repair
    • Troubleshooting with gauges
    • Boiler operation/maintenance
    • Basic and advanced pumps, air control, boiler/water heater application
    • System balance and flow measurement
    • Variable speed drive applications
    • System water quality

    Contact Us to request a class schedule in your area or to request special training.

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