Training Opportunities

R. L. Deppmann 2018 Training Schedule

  • Combining Space Heating Boilers with Indirect Plate Domestic Water Heaters - Lunch Meeting, March, 2018 (Cleveland, Detroit, Grand Rapids)

ASHRAE Applications Handbook chapter 50 describes a “Combi” system as an efficient alternative to gas fired service water heaters. This seminar will explore the use of packaged “combination” plate heat exchanger systems in conjunction with today’s condensing boilers. The participant in this seminar will gain the knowledge of when to use these as a viable solution, the details of how to size and detail this technology, temperature control details and points list, and, of course, the proper piping and pumping of this technology. The course will introduce a newer boiler technology and piping method called dual return.

  • Radiant and Snow Melt Systems “In A Box” Seminar - Lunch Meeting, April 2018 (Cleveland, Detroit, Grand Rapids)

Radiant infloor heating systems and snow melting systems are often a perfect answer to building heating and safety needs. The engineer who does not design these systems every month may find it time consuming to engineer the system, detail it, and specify it. This seminar uses a short and simple step by step process of multiple choice lists to provide a system that functions properly without “re-inventing the wheel” each time. The course will also introduce a newer boiler technology and piping method called dual return.

  • Boiler Efficiency on Steroids – Newer Technologies to help Condensing Boilers Meet the Published Efficiency Seminar - Lunch Meeting, May 2018 (Cleveland, Detroit, Grand Rapids)

Just specifying a condensing boiler does not make it condense. Without low return temperatures and efficient gas firing cycles, no condensing boiler can achieve anywhere close to the advertised efficiency. This seminar presents hydronic and plumbing system design changes that, coupled with new boiler technology that dramatically increases efficiency. Couple that with optional firing technology and electronic communication and the boiler plant will hum with efficiency and tell you what is happening.

Deppmann Conducts More than 100 classes each year

Deppmann provides a series of classes and seminars available to our Owner, Engineer, Contractor, and Wholesaler customers. Together with our manufacturer partners, we can provide standard or customized educational opportunities to meet your training needs. Below is a short list of courses that are regularly scheduled throughout the year:

  • Hands-on field pump repair
  • Troubleshooting with gauges
  • Boiler operation/maintenance
  • Basic and advanced pumps, air control, boiler/water heater application
  • System balance and flow measurement
  • Variable speed drive applications
  • System water quality

Contact Us to request a class schedule in your area or to request special training.