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Maximum Velocities in Heat Exchangers – Part 1

Shell and Tube heat exchangers are often used in institutional steam-to-water heating applications. We recently received a call from a consulting engineer asking what the

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Bell & Gossett Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger Fouling Factors

One of the most misunderstood items in the heat exchanger schedule is the fouling factor. This week’s Monday Morning Minutes post explores heat exchanger fouling factors

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Bell and Gossett series SU heat exchangers

What Is the ASME U-1 Stamp and Why Is It Important?

The R. L. Deppmann team frequently mentions the need for an ASME U-1 stamp on heat exchangers, tanks, and air separators. What is the ASME U-1

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How to Identify a Bell & Gossett Pump

This month’s Service Tip comes to us from Customer Service Representative Leigh Janssen. Need to identify a Bell & Gossett pump for repair or replacement? You

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how to identify a Bell & Gossett pump

Swimming Pool Water Heaters and Condensing Technology Part 3: Heater Controls

In the last two weeks we discussed a great way to use a condensing boiler and a B&G heat exchanger for swimming pool water heaters. Last

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Swimming Pool Water Heaters Part 2: Heat Exchangers

Last week the Monday Morning Minute article calculated the load for a swimming pool heater. This week we introduce Bell & Gossett BPN plate heat

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B&G Heat Exchanger Brazed Plate BPX_Family

Swimming Pool Water Heaters Part 1: Calculating Load

Recent Monday Morning Minute articles have discussed the advantages of tankless water heaters in domestic water applications with higher efficiencies at lower inlet temperatures. An

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Announcing: Gary Rutman Joins the Grand Rapids Community College HVAC Advisory Committee

R. L. Deppmann is pleased to congratulate our very own Gary Rutman, a member of  R.L. Deppmann’s Inside Sales Team, as he joins the GRCC

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Legionella in Service Water Heating Systems

Over the last few weeks the Monday Morning Minutes (MMM) posts have reviewed the use of tankless water heaters vs. traditional storage type water heater

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Sizing Tankless Water Heaters

Perhaps the last few R. L. Deppmann Monday Morning Minutes (MMM) posts have peaked your interest in AERCO tankless water heaters. Was it the energy savings?

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