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Types of Isothermal Humidifiers: Humidification Basics Part 12

Isothermal humidifiers are the overwhelming choice in building HVAC systems. This week’s R. L. Deppmann Monday Morning Minute talks about the various types of isothermal

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DriSteem STS®steam-to steam isothermal humidifier

Humidification Specification and Steam Absorption Distance: Humidification Basics Part 11

In humidification systems, we know that steam absorption distance is important. We also know that various distribution methods have different required absorption distances. How do

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ultra-sorb in duct

Happy Thanksgiving from R.L. Deppmann!

Thank you for using products sold by R. L. Deppmann Company in Michigan and Ohio! Archives – Click here for Past Articles

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Snoopy and Woodstock wearing pilgrim clothing. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Special thanks to our valued customers. Monday Morning Minutes will continue next week.

How Water Quality and Seal Selection Affect Hydronic Systems

The water quality in hydronic systems directly affects the performance and life expectancy of the components in the systems. Total dissolved solids (TDS) and pH

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R.L. Deppmann Water Test Sample Kit

Steam Absorption Distance: Humidification Basics Part 10

What is humidification steam absorption distance, and why is it critical in humidification applications? Absorption distance is the length of duct that is required to change

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ultra-sorb in duct

Importance of Water Quality and Type: Humidification Basics Part 9

Water quality is an important concern when it comes to humidification. Regardless of what type of humidification you’re using (isothermal or adiabatic), chances are you

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R.L. Deppmann Congrats Zane McCormick

L to R: Mike Kennedy, Inside Sales Manager; Zane McCormick; Norm Hall, President; Bob Van Goor, VP Sales Congratulations to Zane McCormick, Inside Sales of

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Adiabatic Humidification: Humidification Basics Part 8

Recently, we discussed isothermal humidification. Today, we’re going to talk about the other method of humidification, which is called “Adiabatic.” Adiabatic humidification puts water (not steam)

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closeup of water sprayed into the air for adiabatic humidification

‘Tis the Season for Condensing Boilers

We’re taking a one-week pause in our humidification series to mention condensing boilers. A physical plant operator for a school district recently called and asked

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illustration of a Christmas tree with boilers as ornaments

Load Calculation using Dristeem DriCalc: Humidification Basics Part 7

The past couple of blogs used the psychrometric chart and formula to calculate the loads in humidification buildings and processes. This week we look at

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