A Cooling Tower Choice Solves Water Quality Issues and Saves the Planet

RL Deppmann
July 1, 2024
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What’s lurking in your traditional open cooling tower basin? There is increasing concern about the sediment build-up, algae growth, and bacteria growth in open cooling tower basins. There is also concern about the use of water and energy. If these are among your concerns, it is time to look at a tower with a different design. We are taking a week off from discussing pump suction piping to introduce this design and offer an exciting opportunity for R. L. Deppmann engineers and customers to take part in a hands-on learning experience.

An Opportunity to Gain Experience

Our Tower Tech Baby Tech Roadshow will offer a hands-on demonstration of innovative cooling tower technology and a presentation on energy-saving design. Connect with fellow professionals and explore practical installation tips. Visit the links at the end of this blog to join us in one of four cities: Cleveland, Detroit, Saginaw, and Grand Rapids.

Who Says You Need a Tub of Water as Your Cooling Tower Basin?

There is a cooling tower design that does not require a flat collection area with stagnant or low-velocity points. In the video below, you will see how flow through basin design works. This design eliminates the large sediment and growth collection areas and keeps the velocity of the exiting water well above traditional towers.

Let’s look at a short video:



Notice the water keeps moving. The water is simply channeled to the outlet of the tower. If you were designing a tower today and were concerned with the issues of storing water in the cooling tower basins, wouldn’t you start channeling the water also? You might want to keep that water moving at over 5 feet per second.

This channel with a higher velocity will keep any sediment from sitting or collecting on the bottom of your tower basin. The water with the suspended dirt is flowing out of the tower and into the system. Now a Griswold sediment separator properly installed in the piping system can remove the dirt. Look at this previous Monday Morning Minutes.

You May Want to Look at Tower Tech

Controlling the flow velocity in supply water from the cooling tower is only one advantage of this tower. There are many other reasons to consider.

  • A multiple fan system that saves electrical energy over traditional designs and provides built-in redundancy.
  • Lower water makeup results in water conservation and lower water bills
  • Higher cycles of concentration mean less chemicals used, and less money spent on chemicals.
  • Lower maintenance required means lower maintenance costs.
  • The secret contractors want to keep from their competitors…much lower time of installation.

Tower Tech Does Even More for Your Building Owner

Learn more about the many advantages of this cooling tower which is represented by R. L. Deppmann. Visit these past Monday Morning Minutes.

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Learn More in Ohio and Michigan: Sign Up for Our Mid-July Roadshow

Join us for an exciting, interactive experience – the Tower Tech BabyTech Roadshow. Discover how Tower Tech’s cutting-edge technology is transforming the cooling tower industry with sustainable efficiency. Watch the BabyTech working demo tower in action and see firsthand how it conserves valuable resources. The live, hands-on demonstration is followed by lunch and a presentation from Tower Tech.  A customer appreciation event of golf or a fishing charter will follow the Baby Tech session.





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