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Cooling Tower Design to Save the Planet: Part 4 of 4 – Something for Everyone

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Onsite Construction Workers

New water-saving and energy-saving cooling tower designs come with concerns about change. From the owner to the engineer to the contractor, the question becomes, “Why make the change”? This R. L. Deppmann Monday Morning Minutes explains why.





The Owner Asks, “Why Should I Choose Tower Tech”?

MCM Cooling Tower


Why should the owner be involved in the decision to own a Tower Tech cooling tower? There are several very good reasons.

Tower Tech Cooling Tower Benefits for Owners:

  1. Tower Tech design reduces the drift or water spray from the tower. It also reduces the tower pan food source bacteria uses to grow. This reduces the chances of someone near the tower getting sick.
  2. Tower Tech design will save tens of thousands of gallons of water when installed in the Michigan and Ohio climates. This helps conserve water but also reduces utility expenses.
  3. Tower Tech design will save 20% or more of the chemicals used to treat the cooling tower water. This reduces expenses.
  4. Tower Tech design will reduce the maintenance time required. This also reduces expenses.
  5. And besides, the color looks better than the galvanized metal towers.

The Engineer Asks, “Why Should I Choose Tower Tech”?

Revit Representation of the Tower

The engineer may be concerned, “galvanized crossflow cooling towers always seem to do the job and I don’t hear about first cost”.  Stainless steel towers cost more but satisfy longevity concerns. Why should I change?

Tower Tech Cooling Tower Benefits for Engineers:

  1. Tower Tech design allows you the comfort of knowing you are using the safest product out there to reduce risk of Legionella.
  2. Tower Tech TTXR cooling tower first cost is comparable with stainless steel towers.
  3. Tower Tech design water savings may help with LEED points and design.
  4. Tower Tech design allows for partial flow at tower enhancing your design choices.
  5. Tower Tech design will reduce energy use over traditional counter flow cooling towers.
  6. Tower Tech design allows you to reduce the life cost for your client.
  7. And besides, the architect might like the color.

The Contractor Asks, “Why Should I Choose Tower Tech”?

The mechanical contractor can understand the best value for the owner but if they do not win the job, it is a moot point. Why should the contractor refrain from a “VE” option if Tower Tech is specified?

Tower Tech Cooling Tower Benefits for Contractors:

  1. Tower Tech design provides a reduced risk of Legionella issues during operation. It may not be in the best interest of the contractor to offer something with more risk.
  2. Tower Tech design has a secret many contractors do not want to share with other contractors. The labor to install this tower is measured in hours, not days.
  3. Tower Tech fold-out legs allows the contractor to reduce the dependence on other trades.
  4. Tower Tech design is represented by R. L. Deppmann and the contractor knows they will get answers quickly.
  5. And besides, your photos of the fitters and plumbers working will look great next to the great color of the tower.

Thank you for hanging with us during a series of Monday Morning Minutes showcasing an amazing product. We felt the story was compelling enough that the industry needed to hear about it.


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