Making Smart Water Heater Choices

Norm Hall
November 1, 2021
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Introducing the New R. L. Deppmann Plumbing Website

RLD water heater webpageLooking to learn more about the differences in commercial and institutional water heater types and manufacturers? We are excited to announce the launch of R. L. Deppmann Company’s Water Heater mini site. This in-depth resource offers summaries of each water heater available, helpful comparison tables, and even free online assessment tools to help you on the path to selection. In this article, we will tour the brand-new page and show you how to get the most out of this helpful tool. 

Domestic Water Heater Tip: Use the Navigation

RLD Water Heaters page navigation The website offers a navigation pane on the left where you can choose fossil fuels, electric, steam, or boiler water as the source of the heat. The gas/propane navigation also gives a breakdown by type: tank type, tankless, or volume water heater. 

Each section offers the capacity ranges of the varied brands Deppmann represents. It also includes some highlights and/or assessment tools which will walk you through the key questions to ask yourself when making a product decision based on the clients’ needs. After completing the brief survey, you will receive real-time product recommendations that are custom matched to your client’s needs. 

The product from each brand have features and benefits for a wide variety of customers. This comprehensive website offers a list of these along with the links directly to the manufacturer’s website for additional product information.

Using Our Product Matching Tool: Helping You Make the Right Decision the First Time 

Our Water Heater website includes a unique tool to help you focus on the right product or products to look at and specify. These assessments have a few simple questions and will result in a customized list of specific water heater(s) for you to review. Watch this short video featuring our Indirect Steam Water Heater Assessment to learn how to use our Matching Tool for quick and accurate results.

While our instructional video focuses on the Indirect Steam tool, this webpage offers several different water heater tools to help you in the selection of the type of water heater. We recommend taking some time to explore all the page has to offer! If you have any questions, please contact a Deppmann representative here. Our helpful team is available to assist you today. 

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