‘Tis the Season for Maintenance on your Condensing Boilers

Norm Hall
July 15, 2019
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Dirty filter Aerco Benchmark Standard and Platinum condensing boilers are an extremely efficient investment. As we close out the heating season here in Ohio and Michigan, it is time to make sure your client is aware of the importance of proper maintenance.

Regardless of the brand of boiler, condensing boilers need regular maintenance. Spark ignitors, flame detectors, and filters are parts that regularly need to be replaced due to wear and the condition of the air make up. Don’t forget the condensate trap and how important it’s operation is to good efficiency.

Take the opportunity to remind your client, the building owner, of this important annual process. They will appreciate your concern over the continued trouble-free, highly efficient operation of their boiler plant while continuing to reap the benefits of good efficiency

Annual Maintenance Kit

One year Aerco Maintenance kit  bag of limestone

The components vary with the product but the annual kit includes a spark ignitor, flame detector, and condensate trap orifice and O-ring.  The replacement items are simple to install but important.  Aerco recommends these services to protect the smooth operation of the boiler, best efficiency results as well as maintaining the warranty on the boiler.

Also recommended is regular air filter cleaning and/or replacement. This is critical since the proper air: fuel mixture is what saving money and avoiding nuisance shutdowns is all about. This is the perfect time to refresh the acid neutralizing limestone in the condensate kit.

Some owners will attempt to inspect and clean these parts. The handling and care during removal and inspection is important. Success depends on the care and knowledge of the building maintenance staff. Time is valuable and doing things twice is not cost effective. We recommend you follow the boiler manufacturer suggestions and use the annual kit.

24 Month Maintenance Kit

two year maintenance kit

This kit includes the same parts provided in the annual kit but also includes gaskets and seals for a waterside and combustion side inspection. The inspection provides a number of benefits.

  • The inspection can provide an indication of some portion of the boiler system not functioning properly.
  • Cleaning of the heat exchanger, if indicated, will increase the efficiency of the boiler. Inspection of the waterside may indicate any flow or water quality issues.
  • The fireside of any boiler is extremely hot. Over time the bolts and fasteners can weld to the parts. By completing the regular maintenance you are exercising the fasteners. This will help ensure they will be easy to remove without further damage if repairs are needed later in the life of the boiler.
  • Clean air filters and heat transfer surfaces, along with fireside adjustments or O2 trim, will help the environment.
    • Reduce carbon emissions, reduce NOx gases, Reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, Reduce carbon monoxide

It’s Easy to be Green

Many owners will turn to the number of service contractors in the area for assistance in maintaining the boiler. There are many fine service contractors who have AERCO factory training.

Aerco Information

Many owners do this work with their own staff. To supplement the important factory provided instructions, Deppmann can offer the following videos:

Regardless of how you choose to perform the maintenance, just make sure it is done. You can avoid costly in-service winter emergency repairs and costs. You will be following the manufacturer’s requirements to maintain the warranty. Also, check with your local utility. Many utilities offer rebates for proper maintenance of condensing boilers.

I mentioned O2 trim above. Do you know what it is and why it is important? Look to the next R. L. Deppmann Monday Morning Minutes to find out.

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