Regular Maintenance will Ensure Peak Performance for Your Aerco Boiler

In order to keep your AERCO equipment operating at peak performance, it's critical to conduct annual maintenance by a qualified service technician. Performing regular maintenance on your equipment will prevent future problems and decrease unwanted costs. This helpful list and series of videos will walk you through the steps required to service and maintain:

    1. Check electrical service and measure voltage and current on motors; faulty electrical connections may cause unsafe operation of your system and reduce the life of major components
    2. Check and inspect the condensate drain regularly; a plugged drain may cause combustion problems
    3. Check system controls to ensure proper and safe operation; for instance, check the configuration settings of the Edge, C-More, ECS and BMS Systems
    4. Keep a log and monitor faults, hours, and cycles by serial number; this history will help you with any corrections that may need to be done

Why Maintain an Aerco Boiler

One-Year Maintenance Tutorial

Two-Year Maintenance Tutorial

Maintenance Kits and Maintaining Your Equipment to Operate Optimally

Maintaining your Aerco Boiler provides several benefits.  By monitoring and providing annual maintenance, you can avoid untimely down time, save operating costs as well as reduce waste. Check out these helpful links:

Save Yourself Stress

  • As maintenance parts wear, nuisance shutdowns and alarms become more frequent.
  • Regular maintenance aides in avoiding seized fasteners and broken parts later on.

Save Money

  • Your inefficient operation sends money up the stack. Many utilities offer rebates for maintenance.
  • All condensing boiler ignitors have a limited life. Emergency repairs cost much more than predictive replacement.

Save the World

  • Reduce your carbon footprint. Fouled ignitors and heat exchangers waste energy.
  • Untuned boilers have high levels of NOx, CO2, and CO. Affecting the ozone layer and greenhouse gasses.

All higher efficiency condensing boilers require regular maintenance.