Happy Thanksgiving From RL Deppmann - Thank You

R. L. Deppmann Thanksgiving Wishes

Norm Hall Monday Morning Minutes

Happy Thanksgiving From RL Deppmann - Thank YouAlways, but even more during this trying year, R. L. Deppmann says…


  • To our employees for their commitment during this and other years.
  • To their families for the continuing challenges due to COVID.
  • To our customers for their orders and their friendship.
  • To our manufacturer partners for their tireless efforts to provide product & support during this crisis.
  • To our Partner Xylem Bell & Gossett for providing us 1000s of face shields to distribute to local hospital systems.
  • To heath care and emergency service workers for their commitment to serve while at risk.
  • To the Detroit Free Press for naming R. L. Deppmann a Top Workplace for the 3rd year in a row!


  • To all the brave immigrants and original residents who shared with mercy during colonization.
  • To the founding fathers for the creation of a Republican Democracy allowing us the privilege of the free, yet challenging, elections we participated in this year.
  • To those in service to our country, protecting those freedoms we cherish.

Happy Thanksgiving

We wish you a loving and safe holiday with your friends and family, whether in person or on Zoom.

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