DriSteem Simple Condensate Cooler – How To Cool Condensate Down To 140 Degrees

Paul Starkey
November 23, 2020
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This Service Tip of the Month video goes over a simple condensate cooler from DriSteem to cool condensate down to 140 degrees to meet most plumbing codes. Paul Starkey, a senior Deppmann Startup & Warranty technician, will show you the basics of the cooler and how it operates to cool down the incoming hot condensate water by mixing in domestic cold water before going down the drain.

The DriSteem unit as shown by Paul can cool 6 gallons of condensate at 212 degrees by mixing 6gpm of 70-degree domestic water and draining the total 12 gallons to the drain at 140 degrees.



If you need a larger unit than this or have ASME requirements to meet, please look at the CEMLINE CBO vented tank with capacities as small as the DriSteem cooler and up to the largest blowdown tank with a 2.5” inlet and a 6” drain and a 1” cold water line.

Dristeem and CEMLINE Products

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CEMLINE Boiler Blowdown Tanks:

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