Commercial Plumbing System Leak Detection

Norm Hall
April 3, 2023
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Image Credit: Lync by Watts

Often engineers will voice concern about failure of an underground pump and the possibility of water damage. The key to reducing any damage is the quick determination of the leak. Today we will introduce a commercially available system that the engineer can put in the toolbox to solve the client’s concern.

Leak Detection Solution Examples 


There are many examples where leak detection may be needed. One area is mentioned above. Our mechanical room has a Bell & Gossett sump and sewage pump that was installed, maintained, and has operated for numerous years without issue. But it’s fair to point out that mechanical equipment will eventually fail. Those failures don’t happen at convenient times or when the mechanical staff is on site. It’s going to happen on a Friday evening and will result in an unpleasant surprise come Monday. How do we learn of equipment failure faster to minimize damage?

Another example was a recent discussion about a boiler blowdown system. The engineer was concerned because the combination of the boiler blowdown and the cooling water added to the separator resulted in a higher flow rate than the drains could handle. A sump pump system was the solution. What if there was a failure? Water at 120°F flooding the mechanical room floor near the steam boilers. 

Of course, there is concern about public restrooms and customers using too much toilet paper. This messy problem affects health and safety but also reflects on the quality of the business. Wouldn’t it be great to detect it, shut off the water, and alert the manager? 

There are many applications for water leak detection. There are also hundreds of small residential solutions on the internet. What makes a commercial solution? 

Commercial Leak Detection 


Image Credit: The Detection Group

What makes a product solution a commercial solution? Quite simply, it must have the quality, pedigrees, and an all-inclusive component that an engineer would put their name behind.  Here is a short list of needs. 

  • The component package is completely provided by a single source for reliability and responsibility.
  • The system has a recognized authority’s approval. 
  • The system should be capable to meet the needs of large commercial systems. 
  • It must have current wireless options.
  • It must have continuous monitoring.
  • It must have a notification and alert system.
  • It must be clear and easy for the engineer to specify.

The Lync by Watts Solution

The Trident detection system from Lync by Watts hits all the needs of a commercial system. 

  • The parts and pieces are provided as a complete system to match the building size and budget. All parts are provided as a harmonious system engineered to be complete. 
  • For critical areas, an available valve control system can immediately take action to turn off the water supply. Those areas could include a delicate data center, electrical switchgear room, or the floor above is the President’s office. The valve control is available in 1/2″ through 2″ pipe sizes.
  • Available sensing cables can be utilized to detect water over a large area. In a mechanical room that could be a drain pan, perimeter of equipment pad, or other potential area where a leak could develop. In a tenant space that could be the area under a kitchen sink or dishwasher.
  • The Trident Wireless Water Leak Detection System meets the FM Approvals Standard 7745, to receive the coveted FM Approvals certification mark for a wireless water leak detection system. 
  • This system can handle from 1 to 400 sensors. The system can provide from 1 to 100 valve controllers. The system can handle buildings from 1 to 30 stories tall. 
  • The system available through Lync by Watts operates on a radio frequency backbone that is robust enough to protect your building and transfer information through the entire building structure.
  • The sensors are monitored once every 15 seconds and utilize a Lithium battery pack with life expectancy up to 5 years. 
  • The system has a remote management system connected via Ethernet, Cell (4G LTE), or Wi-Fi that allows for assignment of who receives mobile or email alerts. The system can even transfer that alarm notification when the primary person is on vacation. 
  • Watts is a leader in the plumbing industry. R. L. Deppmann partners with them to make sure the engineer gets the information they need in the format required to make specification complete while protecting the engineer’s time. 

Contact your RLD sales engineer or call our customer service group for more information on COMMERCIAL LEAK DETECTION PROTECTION.

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