Bock Opti-therm Water Heater Installation

RL Deppmann
November 26, 2019
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Important installation instructions are commonly missed when installing Bock Opti-therm water heaters. The end of this article also shows a few periodic maintenance items that need to happen to get the most efficiency and problem-free operation of the heater.

Important Tips When Installing a Bock Opti-therm Water Heater

It is important to make sure the condensate drain/trap assembly is installed level and has proper slope after the trap to keep condensate from backing up into the water heater. If condensate backs up into the water heater it can cause airflow and possibly flame loss issues when the water heater modulates down to a lower fire rate.

Bock Opti-therm Water Heater Installation

If needed, a condensate pump can be used to pump through the neutralizer.

condensate pump can used to pump through the neutralizer

It is also important to make sure the 4-inch intake has a drain line installed to keep moisture from building up. If moisture builds up it can affect how the gas valve reacts during ignition, sometimes causing flame failure.

4-inch intake has a drain line installed

Maintenance tip: The complete vent and intake system should be inspected yearly for damage and blockage.

The condensate elbow should be checked for blockage every six months.  Remove the ¾” pipe plug and clean out any debris or sediment.  Check the neutralizer and refill media as necessary.

Maintenance tip: The Temperature and Pressure (T&P) relief valve should be checked annually and sooner if required by local and/or state codes.

The powered anode rod system needs to be checked every three months. The green LED on the control panel should be illuminated green to show the system is in proper operating condition. If it is flashing red, there is a problem with the anode system that needs to be checked out. Note the heater needs to be powered at all times for the anode system to work properly.

Maintenance tip: The tank should be flushed twice a year or more depending on the local water to drain the sediment out of the tank and keep the tank operating at peak efficiency.

Maintenance tip: The unit should also be checked for proper combustion yearly to ensure the heater is operating within acceptable parameters. The gas pressure should also be checked to ensure proper operation.

R.L. Deppmann Can Help

If you need any parts or have any questions on the Bock Opti-therm water heater, please reach out to your system experts at R L Deppmann at 800-589-6120.

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