Bell & Gossett Ecocirc XL ECM Circulator Pump: Basic Programming and Wiring

Shane Lombard
October 30, 2020
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This service tip of the month will cover the basic programming and wiring of the Bell & Gossett Ecocirc XL ECM circulator pump.  These basics should allow you to be able to get the pump operating very quickly right out of the box.

The Ecocirc XL is a high-efficiency wet rotor pump with an electronically commutated motor that has a built-in variable speed drive. This pump has many applications in the heating, cooling, and plumbing industries.  The pump also has the ability to speak BACnet or Modbus as standard and you will learn where to land those wires.

Ecocirc XL ECM Circulator Pump Basic Programming and Wiring Tutorial


Check out this link for more detailed information on quickly starting up the Ecocirc XL ECM Circulator pump.


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