Aerco Benchmark Boiler Training

RL Deppmann
September 30, 2020
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In September 2020 we conducted a live Aerco Benchmark Online Training Seminar. It featured a detailed component overview and a walkthrough of boiler set up, maintenance, and basic troubleshooting tips. The great news is, we recorded it for you!

Aerco Benchmark Boiler Livestream SeminarWatch our educational seminar and learn about the Aerco Benchmark boiler from our factory-trained technicians, Dylan Stark and Rob Bohnak. The video is approximately 50 minutes with a pre-recorded question and answer period included at the end.

This seminar focuses on the Benchmark Standard unit with Edge controller which is the replacement for the C-More controller. The Benchmark Platinum with the Edge controller has similarities to the standard Benchmark and you will be able to apply most of the seminar content to those units.

Topics Covered In the Aerco Benchmark Training:

  • Component overview and locations
  • Boiler Sequencing Technology
  • Checking the run hours & fault log and checking & clearing faults
  • The normal preventative maintenance required to keep your boiler operating at its highest efficiency; air filters, flame rods, oxygen sensor, combustion calibration, burner inspections, condensate trap & neutralizer
  • Testing safeties and resetting them
  • Proper connection locations for remote start/stop, header sensors, outdoor air sensors, run status, fault relays, etc.
  • Proper daisy chain communication wiring including the optional Protonode Gateway for communicating to Bacnet and Lon protocols for building automation systems
  • Checking the voltage output to the blower motor and optional isolation valve
  • Checking the current reading from the flame rod with a multimeter

Aerco Benchmark Boiler Online Training Webinar


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