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Variable Speed Pump Control – More Detailed Curve and Area Control

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local sensor speed pump controlCurve control, Area control, Sensorless control, Remote DP sensor control. Local sensor control: the shopping cart of speed pump controls can get overwhelming. We just completed the 2020 ASHRAE winter meeting and the AHR show. During the show, Bell & Gossett released a new technical document describing pump control in simple detail.

Speed Pump Control Options

The subject of variable speed pump control is peppered throughout many of our past R. L. Deppmann Monday Morning Minutes. Just look at the index to the right of this article to click into the many articles previously posted. At the AHR show in Orlando, Bell & Gossett released a great article written by Alan Jones and Jordan Ruff:  There is no one-size-fits-all control strategy in variable speed pumping. There is a comparison of multiple types of control.

variable speed pump curve control

variable speed pump control - local sensors

Variable speed control - Remote DP Sensors

Take a moment to read this great article and contact your local B&G representative (R. L. Deppmann in Michigan and Northern Ohio) if you would like to request a meeting or seminar to show examples and more details.

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