A Mobile App for Domestic Hot Water Recirc. & Residential Circulators

Norm Hall
July 5, 2021
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Someday, there will be a mobile app that can provide a warning when your domestic water and/or residential heating pumps stop working. For smaller gallon per minute (GPM) loads, someday is now. The Bell and Gossett “ecocirc®+” small circulator can give you a call when it is having trouble.

A Small Pump with Connectivity

In the March 2021 R. L. Deppmann Monday Morning Minutes, Small Domestic Water Recirculation Pumps: Is it Time to Break a Habit?, we introduced the 20-18 small circulator with an ECM motor and three levels of control.

Fixed Speed Curve Graph

The 70-watt circulator is for small flows and heads such as those in residential hydronic systems or commercial domestic water recirculation. These days, customers want connectivity to many things. This pump in its “plus” version offers a lot to your end-user client.

Bell & Gossett ecocirc+ 20-18 Bluetooth and Mobile App

Bell & Gossett Ecocirc Mobile App

There is a lot of information available for the owner or contractor once the application is downloaded. The troubleshooting guide helps the owner understand and analyze any issues.

If you are having a problem with heating the system, the Bluetooth connection along with the app will really make it simple to see if the pump is the issue. Simply, walk up to the pump and open the app. You will see the current faults, if any. The fault history report will also show the historical alerts of any dry run or unexpected issue. Look at the screenshots below, the owner can be comfortable that the pump is not the problem. I also notice, in this system, this working pump only requires a pump rate of  3.87 GPM and is only using 7.7 watts!



The Engineer & Contractor also Win with B&G ecocirc+ 20-18

This pump comes with all the features of the standard ecocirc 20-18 plus the following:

  • Bluetooth communication for easy startup
  • 0-10V input for speed control from a building management system. Useful in many systems such as a radiant system.
  • Temperature control feature will adjust the speed to maintain the water temperature at the pump. Think of a domestic water recirc pump.
  • eAdapt auto learn will adjust the speed to meet the demand in residential hydronic systems. This will save energy and help provide comfort.
  • Digital display shows the exact conditions of the pump.

Direct questions to your R. L. Deppmann customer service department or your salesperson for more information.


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