Lync by Watts – Packaged Water Heater LC-Q

Norm Hall
March 6, 2023
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Lync LC-Q, A Quick Answer to Quality Water Heating

Lync by Watts has created quality packaged water heater solutions in their “LC” series. The LC-Q is a compact, pre-engineered system combining water heaters, digital water temperature control, and an answer to water hardness – all pre-piped and mounted on a frame. Lync offers sizes from 800 to 2400 MBH which fits most commercial projects. The unit is ready to set, bring cold water and recirculated water into it, and hot water out of it. 

Quick Selection, Space Allocation, and Budget Price

Time, space, and money are three things engineers are always juggling in construction projects. Starting with the Lync by Watts, LC-Q packaged heated water solution will save all three. 

Imagine a design development phase for an elementary school. You have limited information but need to decide the gas-fired hot water solution. You call R. L. Deppmann and answer four basic questions. An example of those questions is the number of students expected and the location so we can approximate load and water hardness. 

The response is a properly sized system including piping, dimensions, a Revit file, and a budget price. Of course, more detailed engineering of the load will follow the D-D phase but you are well on your way to a time-saving solution. 

What is Included in the Lync LC-Q Package?

It starts with a quality water heater.

The Lync water heater package, of course, starts with the water heater.  Taking advantage of the engineering and manufacturing resources of Watts Water Technologies, the water heaters on the Lync package are second to none.  The package will include from 2 to 5 condensing water heaters depending on capacity and standby requirements.

The water heaters have storage tanks that are made of Duplex Alloy stainless steel. The long-life tank materials are coupled with a pickling and passivating process to assure the longevity and durability that the tremendously long warranty implies. 

The heaters are single pass fire tube highest efficiency water heaters with standby losses below the ASHRAE standard 90.1 maximum. The recirculation connections are located for maximum efficiency. 

Properly designed water treatment.

Michigan and Ohio have a significant number of cities and townships with hard to very hard water. That water must be treated for proper operation and lifespan of service water equipment. The Lync LC packages will include the water treatment using TAC technology. This technology saves water and reduces maintenance time for the owner. 

Accurate and safe temperature control.

The package will include a properly designed and installed master mixing station.  This digital device provides tight temperature control to meet desired distribution temperature.  Have a commercial dishwasher or laundry equipment that needs higher temperature water?  Take advantage of the package’s piping design to provide higher-temperature water for that type of equipment.  Any standby or N+1 requirement included in the package will be available for both zones.

Piping and controls.

The package includes all piping and controls. The interconnecting piping assures the installation follows the manufacturer’s recommendations. There is an internal circulation pump to eliminate stagnation and mitigate Legionella risks. A single connection for the external recirculation pump will include the interconnecting piping to all tanks. The package has a user-friendly touchscreen electronic control with BAS communication. 

Single source responsibility and one-year service warranty.

The engineer, contractor, and owner will enjoy peace of mind with single source responsibility for the system. The system comes with a one-year service warranty that covers both warranty labor and materials during that time. The traditional warranty extends for many years afterward and reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in their package solution.

The LC-Q hot water solution by Lync is coupled with the engineering assistance and customer service from R. L. Deppmann. Why not try this solution on your next project?