Packaged Domestic Hot Water Heating System Advantages

Norm Hall
February 27, 2023
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What Does the Packaged Hot Water System Look Like?

The packaged hot water system can include everything needed to turn cold water into hot water and safely and efficiently deliver it to the plumbing system. High-efficiency water heaters and tanks are just the start. The ASSE 1017 valve properly selected and piped would be included. Expansion tank and trim can be included. Any water quality components such as a softener, carbon and iron filters, anti-scale control, and means of disinfection. Interconnecting piping and wiring with sensors, instrumentation, and building management landing points. 

Why Consider the Packaged Hot Water System?

One Call and No Finger-Pointing 

One of the most important benefits of a packaged solution is the single provider. The engineer will only make one call for the selection of all the parts and pieces of the hot water heating system. The package supplier can be responsible to verify the components will work together as a system to provide quality hot water to the system safely. The engineer will also save time during the submittal process.

The contractor will also enjoy the benefits of the package. Less time and coordination of sourcing the components. A single call for submittals, IOM, and delivery information. A single call with limited time in meetings when something is not operating properly.   

The owner will also have a pleasant experience with a pre-piped complete packaged hot water system. That experience is recognized down the road when service and maintenance is required. A single call for help in identifying issues. A single call for parts and maintenance concerns. A single call to be sure the components are operating at peak efficiency. 

Smallest Footprint Possible Without Sacrificing Serviceability

Photo Credit: Ben O’Neal Company

Often the engineer shows the hot water heaters neatly spaced with room to spare. Additional component pieces required for the complete and safe delivery of hot water are in many areas of the mechanical equipment room. This becomes necessary to accommodate the potential of any of the specified manufacturers being supplied.  

A packaged system will contain the required service allowance as well as properly piped components as per the manufacturer’s instructions and in the smallest space possible.

Reduce Jobsite Skilled Labor Requirements

Seems like every company is recruiting help and having trouble finding it. A packaged hot water heating system, complete with temperature, water quality, and safety controls, will reduce the amount of skilled field labor required.  Obviously, there is labor cost and material in the package. A packaged solution does not reduce the base cost of the project. A packaged solution will reduce the contractor’s surprises, any re-work, and the associated unexpected costs.  

Reduce Construction Delays Due to Missing Products

Construction timelines just keep getting tighter and tighter.  Missing just one piece of the system can cost delays in planned construction cycle. That late piece of equipment can also cost overtime labor and re-work costs. A complete package with interconnecting wiring and piping will show up with no missing parts to worry about. 

There are other advantages to a packaged hot water system when supplied by Lync by Watts or ProPak Solutions. These are just two of the companies represented by R. L. Deppmann and we will examine those advantages in the next blog.