Join XYLEM, Bell & Gossett and R. L. Deppmann in Helping Houston Victims: Donation Match Opportunity

Norm Hall
March 15, 2021
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Rebuilding Together Houston

Xylem, the parent company of Bell & Gossett, has a corporate social responsibility program brand they call “Watermark.” This month they announced a program to rebuild winter storm damage to provide plumbing repairs and water for low-income residents of Houston, TX. Will you join R. L. Deppmann and Xylem Watermark who will both match donations?

Rebuilding Together Houston – Winter Storm Plumbing Repairs

Following the devastating winter storms in Texas, Rebuilding Together Houston is stepping up and providing free emergency plumbing repairs to stop leaks and restore water service to low-income homeowners in underserved communities.

Xylem Watermark and R. L. Deppmann Company are supporting this important work through a matching donation fundraiser. All funds donated through this link will be matched by Xylem Watermark at a rate of 1:1, up to $25,000.


R.L. Deppmann Will Also Match Your Donation

Additional Matching Opportunity: R. L. Deppmann Company thanks the readers of our Monday Morning Minutes. If you send a copy of your email receipt to, the R. L. Deppmann team will also match at a rate of 1:1, up to $2,500.

Thank You For Sharing

Xylem Watermark: because every drop counts. Watermark is Xylem’s corporate social responsibility program. Their mission is to provide education and access to safe water to ensure healthy lives, gender equality, and resilient communities.

Rebuilding Together Houston is the only organization in the Houston region whose primary work is plumbing repair. They enlist community volunteers and licensed contractors to repair the homes of low-income elderly, U.S. Military Veterans, homeowners with disabilities, and working families in need.

They work to improve the safety and structural integrity of homes that are passed from generation to generation and help to retain the character of Houston, Texas neighborhoods by keeping families in the communities that they helped to build.


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