Happy New Year! What You Can Expect This Quarter at Deppmann

Norm Hall
January 3, 2022
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R.L. Happy New YearHappy New Year! We look forward to another year of the R. L. Deppmann Monday Morning Minutes, as well as, some exciting educational seminars and new website tools. This short blog will outline what you can expect from us in the first quarter of 2022.


R.L. Deppmann Monday Morning Minutes

R.L. Deppmann Monday Morning Minutes image

We continue the Monday Morning Minutes, which we started in 2009. The first quarter will include a variety of plumbing topics: Venting of water heaters, water quality considerations including Legionella protective design ideas, and an update on domestic water pressure boosters.

The hydronic side of the industry will enjoy a basic series on condensing boiler technology. This will be a nice review for the seasoned member of the industry while providing some basic information to assist those who are new to the industry. We will also spend a good amount of time on the mystery of venting choices for boilers.

We expect, by the end of the first quarter, to launch a more robust search capability of the Monday Morning Minutes. We have one now, but it often returns too many choices for the subject. We will give you a better tool allowing a quick, more effective search of over five hundred articles.

R.L. Deppmann Website Tools

The first quarter will bring a fantastic tool for plumbing engineers. We will introduce an interactive pressure booster selection tool that is designed to assist the engineering community. The tool will provide calculation tools to suggest the GPM, discharge pressure, inlet pressure, number of pumps options, hydraulic tank volume calculators, and the type of system to match the client’s needs.

The website already has a water heater selection widget to help guide you to the right product type to meet your design. This is extremely helpful for new designers and engineers. R. L. Deppmann Water Heater Page



R.L. Deppmann Hosted Seminars


Seminar image


The first quarter of ’22 also offers a series of new seminars on timely plumbing topics.

Topic 1: Plumbing System Water Quality and Treatment. This seminar addresses concerns about the chemical and hardness content of domestic water systems and the effect on water heaters.

Topic 2: Plumbing System Water Wellness. This seminar addresses the biological concerns of domestic water including Legionella. It also addresses temperature safety concerns when storing water at scalding temperatures.

Topic 3: Heat Pump Water Heaters. The present and future concerns about decarbonization in our industry and how electric heat pump water heaters can help solve the issues. The seminar also addresses safety concerns about the refrigerants used in this technology.

We hope you are as excited as we are to continue the pursuit of knowledge in our great industry!


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