The Norman E. Hall Training Center Dedication

Alex Hall
January 4, 2022

Bob Van Goor and Norm Hall with training center dedication plaque.

We are proud to announce the dedication of the training center located within our Novi, Michigan R.L. Deppmann headquarters. The newly named Norman E. Hall Training Center was unveiled during a surprise dedication ceremony on December 8, 2021.

The dedication of our training center to Norm Hall is a recognition of a lifetime of commitment and passion to teach our employees, our customers, and our industry the art of Hydronics and Steam. The Novi Deppmann team as well as Norm’s family were in attendance to celebrate his achievement.


Current R.L. Deppmann President and CEO, Bob Van Goor, began the dedication by sharing the following:

Since 1975, [Norm] has led more training and education seminars than anybody in the history of R.L. Deppmann. He has spoken to almost every professional organization, university, school district, and hospital in our Michigan and Ohio territory. He has trained every type of customer, from engineers, contractors, facility maintenance, wholesalers and more. Every Deppmann sales and customer service team member and all our new hires spend time training with Norm. He has had a profound impact on pretty much everybody and anybody who has an interest in hydronics and steam in our region. Through his Monday Morning Minute blog series, which started over 10 years ago, Norm’s expertise and passion for training began to stretch outside of our territory, reaching the entire United States and beyond. It is my distinct honor to present Norm with this honor for his extraordinary efforts to advance the understanding of our industry.

Bob Van Goor and Norm Hall with his wife, children and grandchildren.

Norm began his career at R.L. Deppmann in 1975 just after graduating from Wayne State University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. For nearly 50 years, he has propelled the industry and the Deppmann team forward with a passion for knowledge and teaching. In his sixteen years as president and CEO of R.L. Deppmann company, Norm unified the branch locations to operate as one corporation, increased transparency, and inspired those around him to prioritize the importance of product and system expertise to provide the best solutions for our customers – guaranteed.

Norm’s legacy continues today, serving as the Vice President of Strategic Solutions, with an important focus on training the next generation of Deppmann team members. His weekly Monday Morning Minutes, which he has been publishing every week since 2008 continue to inspire and educate industry professionals nationwide.