Introduction of the Bell & Gossett Circuit Sentry Flo-Setter II

Nicole Tilley
March 1, 2017

Bell & Gossett is pleased to announce the introduction of the all new Circuit Sentry™ Flo-Setter™ II. The Flo-Setter II offers superior pressure independent flow control with the convenience and ease of a unique GPM dial. Simply set the GPM dial to the desired flow rate and the Flo-Setter II does the rest.

Circuit Sentry™ Flo-Setter™ II

The Flo-Setter II has the same industry leading features as the Flo-Setter, but also includes integral Class IV shut-off/isolation capability. This means you can order these valves without an additional threaded shut-off/isolation ball valve, producing a smaller installation footprint and one less leak point.

The Flo-Setter II provides a unique GPM dial which requires no instruments, charts or wheels to set the flow and maintains the set flow rate within ±5% regardless of pressure fluctuations in the system. Pump energy is reduced, coil efficiency improved, installation is simplified, and commissioning time is minimized. In addition to Class IV shut-off capability, the Flo-Setter II features a lockable handle on its GPM dial and integral pressure/temperature ports. The valve can also be ordered with optional threaded on ball isolation valve, if required.

Review the Circuit Sentry™ Flo-Setter™ II brochure for detailed information.



Flo- Setter II Common Questions and Answers  

Q: What are the differences between the Flo-Setter and Flo-Setter II valves?  

A: The Flo-Setter and Flo-Setter II are very similar to one another. The Flo-Setter maintained a constant flow rate using a separate differential pressure controller and flow modulator. The Flo-Setter II has a combined differential pressure controller and flow modulator, similar to the Ultra-Setter PICV units. The Flo-Setter II valve has integral isolation/shut-off capability, whereas the Flo-Setter valve requires a threaded on ball isolation/shut-off valve.


Q: Does the Flo-Setter II require a threaded in ball valve for drip-tight isolation and shut-off?  

A: No. The Flo-Setter II has integral isolation/shut-off capability (Class IV Leakage) due to the change in design which allows the GPM Dial Handle to be fully closed and provide drip-tight isolation/shut-off. If a consulting engineer requires a separate isolation/shut-off valve, the Flo-Setter II valve is available with optional threaded on ball isolation/shut-off valve.


Q: Is the Flo-Setter II certified for potable water applications?  

A: No. The Flo-Setter II is not certified Lead-Free and cannot be used for potable water.


Q: Why use a Flo-Setter II instead of a Circuit Sentry valve?

A: The Flo-Setter II allows for field selectable flow limits. In the case of a system change due to maintenance, upgrades or additions the Flo-Setter II flow rate can be changed with no replacement parts necessary and without shutting down and draining the system like the Circuit Sentry requires.


Q: Why was the Flo-Setter II introduced?

A: The Flo-Setter II repurposes technology from the Ultra Setter PICV, which has allowed the valve to have integral isolation/shut-off without the need for an additional threaded on ball valve. This allows for a smaller installation footprint. For example, in a ¾” coil kit installation the Flo-Setter II requires 6.5” from tail piece to tail piece for installation; whereas the Flo-Setter requires 9.1”, without sacrificing any features or performance.


Q: Are any straight pipe lengths required up or down stream from the Flo-Setter II?

A: Like the original Flo-Setter, for proper operation the Flo-Setter II does not require any straight pipe lengths up or down stream from the valve.