Wessels WessView® Bladder Integrity Monitor

Mike Belanger
February 25, 2020
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Wessels New L WessView® Bladder TankWessels WessView® Bladder Tanks have a new innovative and simple way to know if the bladder in your expansion tank has ruptured or not.  They have installed a round gauge glass on the tank and inside of this gauge, glass is a white porous material with some red dye on the back of it.

When everything is normal a quick glance at the gauge glass is all that is needed to see the white inside of the gauge glass and know that the bladder has not been compromised. But if the WessView® gauge glass is red it’s possible the bladder is still good and some moisture inside the tank has caused the dye to bleed through.

If you push in on the shredder valve and air comes out the gauge glass can be replaced by isolating the tank from the system, draining the water and the air, unscrew the old one from the tank and screw a new gauge glass back in. If water squirts out from the shredder valve, then the WessView® gauge glass has done its job and notified you that the bladder in the tank is ruptured and needs to be replaced.


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