VFD Parameter Programming

Mike Belanger
May 31, 2019
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In this R.L. Deppmann Service Tip of the Month, Mike Belanger explores a valuable feature of the Danfoss FC-102 frequency drive that often goes unused on most applications.

He will be looking at how to save the parameter settings, once all of the parameter settings have been properly programmed for the equipment you are operating, you should save those settings from the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to the Local Control Panel/Keypad (LCP).

This helpful video will instruct you step-by-step on how to do that.

This Service Tip of the Month is especially useful in the following situations:

  • If some of the parameters inadvertently get changed in your VFD, but you don’t know which ones were changed you can quickly reload all of the parameter settings you had saved to the LCP and get your VFD back up and running.
  • If you need to replace a VFD and you don’t know how it was programmed you can move the LCP from the VFD that was removed, and download the settings you had stored in the LCP into the new VFD very quickly.
  • Lastly, if you need to re-initialize a VFD (restore back to factory default settings) you can use the LCP from the redundant pump or fan VFD to restore the programming and get the equipment up and running quickly.

If you need additional assistance, contact an R.L. Deppmann representative to learn how we can help! 

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