PVI Turbopower Water Heater

PVI Turbopower Water Heater: Measurements and Combustion Analysis

Ron Bohnak Service Tip of the Month

There are many fine service contractors who have PVI Factory Training. However, many owners do this work with their own staff. To supplement the important factory provided instructions for your PVI Turbopower Water Heater, R.L. Deppmann Service Technician, Ron Bohnak, guides you in the steps to properly measure all the necessary gas and flue pressures along with combustion analysis during the startup process. He also shows how to change the setpoint and reset any tripped safeties in the video. These steps can also be used during the yearly maintenance of the unit.

PVI Turbopower Water Heater Measurements and Combustion Analysis for Yearly Maintenance


The PVI Turbopower® is a fire tube, gas-fired semi-instantaneous or storage water heater featuring a two-pass, submerged heat exchanger that bolts to the tank and is completely removable providing unequalled field accessibility and maintainability of both the exchanger and the tank. Turbopower features optional electronic operating control allows for Modbus connectivity to BAS. It has a 25 year warranty on the AquaPlex tank and has a 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger.

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