PVI Conquest Water Heaters Part 3: Maintenance

RL Deppmann
July 29, 2021
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Part 3 of our PVI Conquest service tip of the month is focusing on maintenance on the water heater. Please make sure a qualified individual is working on the unit, and that they are following all safety precautions.

Regular maintenance is very important for all gas-fired water heaters. This regular maintenance will ensure you get the maximum life out of the equipment. Please follow the manufacturer’s Installation, Operation and Maintenance manual for detailed instructions on maintaining the heater. If you do not have the manual for the Conquest, it can be downloaded from https://www.pvi.com/products/gas-condensing. There are two different models to choose from: the 100 or the 130-gallon tank model. Please select the appropriate size tank for your model number to get to the correct manual.

The PVI Conquest is very easy to maintain by following the maintenance schedule listed below.


  1. Annual Maintenance (Every 12 Months)
  2. Check all joints and pipe connections for tightness, corrosion, or deterioration.
  3. Check the electronic-ignition system for quick ignition and a proper flame signal.
  4. Check all safety controls including thermostats for proper operation.
  5. Check safety shut-off valves for operation and tightness.
  6. Test flame failure detection system.
  7. Test high limit and operating temperature controls.
  8. Conduct a combustion test.
  9. Clean condensate trap, and neutralizer (if equipped)
  10. Test air switch in functionality.
  11. Semi-Annually (Every Six Months)
  12. Recalibrate all indicating and recording gauges.
  13. Check flame failure detection system components.
  14. Check firing rate control.
  15. Check piping and wiring of all interlocks and shutoff valves.
  16. Inspect burner components.
  17. If equipped, test high and low gas pressure interlocks.
  18. If equipped, check air filter and replace if required.
  19. Monthly Maintenance
  20. Test low-water cutoff device and alarm (if equipped).
  21. Check air filter (if equipped) every 3-6 months (sooner in dirty environment).
  22. Check flue, vent, stack, and Condensate piping.
  23. Check flame signal strength.
  24. Check flame failure detection system.
  25. Check firing rate control.
  26. Listen to and visually check the pilot and main fuel valves.
  27. Daily Maintenance
  28. Check gauges, monitors, and indicators.
  29. Check instrument and equipment settings.
  30. As Required
  31. Check drip leg and gas strainers.
  32. Test flame failure detection system.
  33. Test temperature and pressure relief valves
  34. Tank flush and cleanout

If you have more questions please reach out to us at R.L. Deppmann Startup and Warranty at 1-800-589-6120, and we can schedule a service call.

Or you can contact PVI technical support at 1-800-433-5654

PVI Conquest Water Heater Series

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