Pump Running Out on the End of the Curve

RL Deppmann
October 17, 2018
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In this Service Tip of the Month, we look at a pump running out on the end of the curve and highlight the importance of balancing.

If a pump is running out on the end of the curve it can cause cavitation inside the pump and result in premature wear of the impeller and bearings of the motor. It can also cause the motor to over amp and prematurely fail.

By balancing the system we can bring the pump back up on its curve to where the system is getting the desired flow, which also helps protect the lifespan of the motor.

In the video below, we show you hands on what happens when a pump runs out on the end of the curve and how to adjust this by balancing the system.



For more information on pumps, end of curves, or balancing your system, contact a R. L. Deppmann representative to learn how we can help.