Identifying Common Heat Exchangers

RL Deppmann
January 24, 2019
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The video Identifying Common Heat Exchangers was a project for our intern program this past year at R.L. Deppmann Company. Ted Proctor, an intern for our 2018 program, is showing three common heat exchangers found in the field. He uses several of the heat exchangers that are in the R.L Deppmann Grand Rapids warehouse, as well as a couple of cutaway models.

The three heat exchangers he identifies are

  • brazed plate
  • shell and tube
  • and plate and frame

In this video, Ted will walk you through a quick identification of the three heat exchangers.

Small Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

The first heat exchanger is a small brazed plate heat exchanger that was actually in use during the video. This exchanger is versatile and is commonly used in a water or glycol application. They can also be used in low pressure steam applications. These exchangers are often lighter, smaller and made for residential / small commercial applications versus a gasketed plate and frame heat exchanger.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

The second exchanger is shell and tube design. These heat exchangers are robust, being able to handle a wide range of temperatures and pressures. They are also serviceable and can sometimes be repaired with parts instead of requiring a complete replacement.  These heat exchangers are great for steam to water applications as well as water to water.

Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger

The last heat exchanger is a plate and frame heat exchanger. The plate and frame heat exchanger design is able to handle larger capacities and design parameters.  These HX’s can be easily serviced in the field.  These heat exchangers are great for large commercial and heavy industrial applications.

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