Condensate Traps on Dri-Steem Dispersion Tubes

Mike Belanger
July 18, 2016
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Some installations of Dri-Steem dispersion tubes require a condensate trap or P-trap. Condensate traps help remove as much of the condensate from the steam as possible and eliminates the water from spitting out of the dispersion tubes saturating the duct.

When you install the dispersion panel, give yourself enough room for the installation of a properly sized condensate trap. In most cases, there needs to be a minimum of a 2-inch drop from the header, plus a minimum of a 5-inch trap. In other words, you will need at least 7 inches of room from the bottom of the steam header to anything below, such as a suspended ceiling tile. If there isn’t enough room, the condensate line can be piped back to the room that the humidifier is located in, where a proper trap can be installed. However, the line would need to be pitched down toward the trap. Refer to the diagrams below.

Diagram of Rapid-Sorm header inside the duct, horizontal airflow

Schematic of Rapid-Sorb with header outside the duct, horizontal airflow

Here’s a tip to keep in mind. Every gallon of condensate wastes about 8,000 BTUs – the energy used to change the water into steam.

To help reduce or eliminate your condensate worries, the R. L. Deppmann engineers can show you how the condensate line can be eliminated and the efficiency of the humidifier greatly improved.

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