Bell & Gosssett Centrifugal Pumps Switch to Polyurea-Based Grease

RL Deppmann
May 15, 2016
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In December 2014, Bell & Gossett completed their transition to polyurea-based grease. This change from lithium-based grease increases the maximum normal bearing housing temperature from 180 degF to 225 degF and can potentially increase lubrication intervals up to 25%.

When you purchase a replacement bearing frame assembly, it comes ready to install. You don’t need to pack with grease, you’re ready to go. With this new bearing frame, you will get three labels indicating the new polyurea grease. One will be affixed to the shipping box, one will be loose in the box, and one will be hanging from one of the assembly mounting holes. You need to affix the label over the existing label that’s typically installed on the coupler guard to remind service personnel to only use polyurea grease.

Polyurea-based grease labels

Grease type can’t be identified by color. Manufacturers use different colors for the same grease, so relabeling is essential. When grease types are accidentally mixed, there is no longer any way to reliably predict performance or service interval requirements.

This Bell & Gossett service bulletin provides more details.