The return of Deppmann Monday Morning Minutes and other blog topics

Norm Hall
August 24, 2015
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The series begins

Many of the Deppmann customers were disappointed when Monday Morning Minute articles slowed down a year ago. These brief technical blog articles changed every Monday and took only a few minutes to read. There are a series of them in our archives section of the website at for your review.

Hydronic, plumbing, and steam topics over the next few months:

The MMM series for the rest of 2015 will focus on several topics. The topics may seem random but are based on real life questions that engineers, contractors, and facilities owners ask R.L. Deppmann on a day-to-day basis. The topics covered include: Tanks in variable speed pressure boosters, tank sizing basics, when Hunters Curve was NOT conservative, minimum flow rate in pumps, Steam flow meter options, vent condensers, and, new hot water heater options.  Each of these topics will have a series of Monday Morning Minute articles.

The Deppmann Service Tip of the Month blog articles for you

Once a month Deppmann will offer a troubleshooting & service blog to share some of our 88 years of accumulated knowledge. This new website feature may be accessed by clicking here.

Finally we have an “Announcements” area. 

Whether there are factory announcements, Deppmann class announcements, industry events, or people in the news, look to our announcement section for the latest changes in our Industry.