Packaged Mechanical Systems: Contractor Advantages

Norm Hall
February 6, 2023
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Example of a packaged mechanical systemThe use of packaged systems in the mechanical room design has distinct advantages for engineers. Why would a contractor ever consider a hydronic, steam, or plumbing package? There are many advantages depending on the project and the activity load.

Tight Mechanical Rooms

Tight on space can mean several job trailer meetings. Tight on space can also mean coordination meeting after meeting. Often when equipment must be installed per the manufacturer’s instructions and space is at a premium, the contractor suffers. The components may be installed as best the fitters or plumbers could figure out. The end result may have the owner or the supplier concerned about future maintenance or published clearances. The package supplier may find a unique solution to meet the space constraints and the required room as published in the IOM. This may save labor as well as meeting time for the busy contractor. 

Of course, a package will not always be the best. The contractor will still require the proper access dimensions to get the package into the mechanical room. Doors, openings and sheer weight may cause restrictions. Most projects have the access and it is worth looking into. 


Knowledge Gaps

Last week our blog, Engineers Prefer Packaged Mechanical Room Systems focused on four areas of concern for engineers that packaged solutions may help solve. There are new products and processes on projects and the knowledge gap may also exist for the contractor. The contractors in Michigan and Ohio have great people working in the field. Right now everyone is busy and the available tradespeople for the multiple projects may result in a less experienced team.

The less seasoned tradespeople could be used for piping out in the building and terminal hookups. A few larger packaged pieces in the mechanical room can go a long way to avoiding costly rework. 


The third concern is simply lack of time by project managers. The industry is remarkably busy right now. Often, we are working on multiple projects concurrently with tighter and tighter deadlines. Sourcing the right components and communication with the job site are critical whether the project leader is busy or not. A packaged solution may be one means of gaining those precious hours needed for a successful and profitable project. 

Contractors may consider a packaged solution for a variety of reasons. R. L. Deppmann will assist you by providing enough information to help you make a better decision.