ITT Bell & Gossett Announcement

Norm Hall
March 8, 2010
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Printer Friendly (PDF)

B&G Files in Revit 2010 Format

You can now get NEW 3D Building Information Modeling files in Autodesk Revit 2010 format for:

  • Pumps: VSX, Series 1510, 1531, 80, 80-SC, 60, and 90
  • Pump Accessories: Suction Diffusers & Triple Duty Valves
  • Engineered Specialties: Rolairtrols, B&D Expansion Tanks, &
  • U-Tube Heat Exchangers!

Download of the Bell & Gossett Content Module to select the files directly at

The Key benefit of B&G content created in the latest Revit version (2010) is that it will be automatically upgraded to future generations, requiring no user patch downloads.

A training video is also available online at

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