Using the New Bell and Gossett System Syzer Programs

Norm Hall
November 5, 2012
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Xylem Bell and Gossett recently announced the new System Syzer programs for your computer. You may download these through links on our website at the page.

This new tool has a powerful lineup of useful features. Let’s look at a couple of them.

The first tab is marked TEMP/LOAD and in this example I entered temperatures of 40°F to 60°F as well as 100 GPM. Calculating the load for water is normally simple on a calculator. but in this case I changed the fluid to 30% propylene glycol/water.

Look, everything is at your fingertips! We have the correct load in MBH or BTUH or Tons. We have metric conversions! We have the viscosity and specific gravity needed for pump calculations. All this and a “PRINT” button so you can save to a file.

We’ll look at other tabs next week in the R. L. Deppmann Monday Morning Minutes.

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