Sink Drainage Systems

Gerry Potapa
April 5, 2010
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You are involved in a renovation project where the owner wants to add a sink in the lowest level of the building in a location which is nowhere near a sewer. What do you do with the sink’s drain?

Bell & Gossett has your solution, the MSDS Sink Drain System, a fully assembled basin and pump unit. A simple installation, including three 1 ½” piping connections (inlet, outlet and vent), a power connection, with a three prong grounded plug, and the unit is ready to operate.

The compact size of the unit’s structural foam basin, 17” dia. x 16 ½” high, and a total weight of just 48 lbs. allows it to be easily installed in small spaces, such as below the sink or in an adjacent closet, hiding it from view. With capacities up to 50 GPM and 26 feet of head, the unit can be utilized for many drainage installations such as: laundry trays, wet bar sinks, condensate drainage from air conditioners or dehumidifiers, residential dishwashers and beautician sinks to name a few.

The factory assembled unit is provided with a submersible SC series pump that is capable of handling ½” solids, running dry, without damage to components, and a built-in vertical level switch.

Click here for more information about the MSDS Sink drainage System.

For any additional questions about this unit or other sump and/or sewage pumping applications please contact ITT Bell and Gossett through its Michigan and Northern Ohio representative, R. L. Deppmann Company (800-589-6120). We’ll be happy to assist you!

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