Accessorize Your Plate Exchangers (Part 2)

Norm Hall
February 28, 2011
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Last week the Monday Morning Minutes suggested a strainer accessory for your plate exchanger applications. (Click on past articles to review it) Today we look at three additional options or accessories.

INSULATION KITS: On new construction building projects there is normally an insulation sub contractor. There are industrial projects or retrofits where the availability of an insulation kits for a plate exchanger would be advantageous for your client. Bell and Gossett has listened to your requests and offer an optional insulation kit. The kit includes a 1” thick removable thermal blanket with cutouts for connections and other extrusions.

original plate exchanger kit current plate exchanger kit plate exchanger instillation

AUTOMATIC BACK-FLUSH SYSTEMS: Plate and frame heat exchangers on open systems such as cooling towers require frequent opening and cleaning of the plate passages due to excessive fouling. The back-flush system from Bell and Gossett includes a 4 way valve and control panel which, when coupled with the proper field piping, allows your client to regularly back-flush the plates. This results in higher heat transfer efficiency, less maintenance time, and lower pumping costs. Call us or click below for more information.

DRIP PANS: Since plate and frame heat exchangers must be opened for maintenance, there will be water all over the place. Why not add a galvanized or stainless steel drip pan with drain plug as an accessory to your bell and Gossett GPX heat exchanger specification.

Click for information on any of these accessories.

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