Gasketed Plate and Frame Accessories

Norm Hall
February 21, 2011
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Reminder – ITT can provide accessory items with our GPHE heat exchangers. These include Port Strainers, Insulation Kits, Automatic Back-Flush Systems and Drip Pans. Any of these can add value to our product and assist in differentiating against the competition. Earlier this year, you received published pricing and technical information for Port Strainers and Insulation Kits. For now, please contact the factory for a quote on Automatic Back-Flush Systems or Drip Pans. These will be added to the price sheets in the future.

Port Strainers:

  • Reduce the possibility of plugging by preventing unwanted solid particles from entering the flow channels in the GPHE plate pack
  • Removable for inspection or cleaning without disturbing any piping through an additional port located on the movable pressure plate
  • Constructed of Stainless Steel
Example of a Port Stainer
Insulation Kits:

  • 1” thick removable thermal blanket
  • Cutouts provided for connections and other extrusions
  • Aids in the prevention of condensate on exterior surfaces
Port Stainers and installation kits
Automatic Back-Flush Systems:

  • Greatly reduces plate fouling and the need to open the GPHE for periodic manual cleaning while the unit remains on-line
  • Includes 4 way valve and control panel

Drip Pans:

  • Catches fluid from unexpected leaks or when opening the GPHE for service.
  • Galvanized steel or stainless with drain plug
Gasketed Plate and Frame Accessories: Automatic Backflush Systems
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