Deppmann is the Industrial Combustion Rep in Michigan and Toledo

RL Deppmann
April 18, 2011
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Did you know that R.L. Deppmann Co is the Industrial Combustion Rep in Michigan and Toledo?

Industrial Combustion is the second largest manufacturer of burners in the USA. At their home in Monroe Wisconsin, they manufacture the best USA made burner in the industry. Natural gas, dual fuels including digester gas and waste materials are no problem! Need a 10:1 turndown with natural gas? IC has your solution. IC even makes a burner capable of an 8:1 turndown with No. 2 oil! With many models and sizes ranging from 550,000 BTU up to 63 million BTUH, we got your burner needs covered with Industrial Combustion!

Over the next several weeks, we will be covering a few design issues associated with burners. We will discuss items such as O2 control, Parallel Positioning, Michigan LoNox requirements, and saving energy with replacement burners.

Thank you for using products sold by R. L. Deppmann Company in Michigan and Ohio!

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