Update and Upgrade Your Hot water Boiler Controls to Save $$

Norm Hall
September 17, 2012
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What is the RBT-3000?

The RBT-3000 is a combination safety and energy saving device for installation on hot water heating boilers.

  • The low water cut-off turns off the burner when an unsafe water loss occurs in the system
  • The energy saving feature reduces fuel consumption, wear on boiler parts and burner emissions. The control actively manages the burner cycling along with the operating control to match boiler output to the required load.

How Does It Work?

Typical Operation:

  • When there is a call for heat, the circulating pump turns on.
  • If the temperature of the water is below the low setpoint, the burner will turn on.
  • When the water temperature reaches the high setpoint, the burner will turn off.
  • This cycle will continue until the thermostat is satisfied.

With the RBT-3000:

  • The control works by monitoring and analyzing the load of the heating system, in real time, and then modifies the burner run time.
  • By analyzing water temperature changes, the burner run time is adjusted to match the systems ‘heat load’.
Compare the difference…

This example shows a 7 minute delay with a 3 minute hold off recovery. The 4 minute difference in time equals a 14% reduction of burner runtime.

How much of a reduction of fuel usage is expected?

In general, there will be a 10% to 15% reduction of fuel usage in a house with a boiler that has a single circulating pump.

Easy to Install

  • The LWCO remote sensor is installed in a tapping designated by the boiler manufacturer or the supply (outflow) pipe of the boiler.
  • A temperature sensor is attached to the supply (outflow) pipe of the boiler.
  • The control unit is attached to the boiler and wired as shown in the Installation Instructions.
  • No existing controls need to be removed or replaced.

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