“What is Pulse Technology?” and “Why We Use it to Affect Water Quality.” – Part 2

RL Deppmann
August 6, 2012
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In this Monday morning minute, we will discuss the technology and the effect that pulse technology via the Griswold Wave product provides specific to microbial control.

Bacteria, protozoa and algae can grow in the water found in cooling towers and closed loops. This growth not only can lead to an unsightly, smelly mess, but more importantly, can lead to significant energy loss, health risks and increased system downtime due to repairs. This biological activity can lead to the development of biofilms that plug pipes and heat exchangers as well as supporting organism activity that can lead to legionella.

Traditional chemical water treatment can be effective at microbial control, but may also include issues that the end user must address. Because of these issues, many good chemical water treatment programs become ineffective. These issues include:

Recurring cost of treatment material handling || Equipment maintenance || Disposal
Water quality changes || Monitoring || Record keeping || Chemical storage



Electronic water treatment provided by the Griswold “Wave” will result in reducing bacteria populations in cooling tower applications. The Wave kills some bacteria outright as they pass the small points of localized high energy created inside the Reaction Chamber. The Wave traps other bacteria in the crystal masses that form due to surface charge reduction. (discussed last issue). Filtration is able to remove these crystal masses. The Wave is also able to eliminate Biofilm by keeping the overall bacteria population floating in the water below the quorum that is required to form or sustain a biofilm. This results in the biofilm dislodging and dispersing.

Next week we will continue looking at how pulse technology helps inhibit corrosion.

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