Deppmann Volunteers to Improve Groundwater Supply

Alex Hall
September 29, 2021

Improving Water Quality: Capturing Stormwater Runoff in Partnership with the Xylem Watermark Program

Burns Park Rain Garden Clean-Up
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Sunday, August 8, 2021

Developments in infrastructure modernize and connect our communities, but when rain hits roads, roofs and parking lots, it flushes pollution into the ground water and ultimately into streams, rivers and more. Rain gardens are a natural way of capturing and filtering stormwater runoff.

In support of the Xylem Watermark Program, the R.L. Deppmann team volunteered to clean up and remove invasive plant species from one of Ann Arbor, Michigan’s 62 rain gardens, which serve a critical role in minimizing pollution in the watershed. Stormwater runoff from this area runs into the Huron River which stretches 130 miles and flows into Lake Erie.

Deppmann’s volunteer day at Burns Park will ensure that this large rain garden continues to improve water quality for the local community and beyond. Learn more about R.L. Deppmann’s community engagement here.