Announcing Bock Water Heaters new optiTHERM® models OT199, OT150 and OT125

Nicole Tilley
May 4, 2016

R.L. Deppmann is pleased to announce the following product from Bock Water Heaters.

Bock Water Heaters proudly announces a new family of 99-gallon optiTHERM® water heaters.

OT199/OT150/OT125 highlights: 

  • 60,000-BTU/H minimum – 199,000/150,000/125,000BTU/H max inputs.
  • Up to 99% thermal efficiency.
  • Economical non-ASME construction (model OT200N-A is ASME.)
  • Side exhaust vent provides zero backside clearance to wall.
  • Immersed first-to-second pass heat-exchanger transition chamber boosts thermal   efficiency in 3rd pass condensing zone.
  • 2nd pass temp sensor adjusts continuously-variable minimum BTU/H input @1%-per-second to maintain flue gas temperature above condensing point in 1st and 2nd pass heat-exchangers during long run times at minimum input.
  • Natural gas and propane fuel models.
  • Automatic ICCP corrosion protection system – no sacrificial anode rods.
  • Five-year limited tank/HXC warranty.
  • LCD user interface with optional BACnet/Modbus/LonWorks BMS interface.
  • Ultra-low NOx certified.
  • Part #’s: OT199N – PN55805; OT150N – PN55802; OT125N – PN55800.
  • High altitude & propane models same price as natural gas version.

Pricing for Models OT199N/LP, OT150N/LP and OT125N/LP is now available.

Please contact your nearest R.L. Deppmann representative for additional information.