R. L. Deppmann Company is now the new Michigan Representative for Lawler Manufacturing, Tunstall & Macon Controls

Nicole Tilley
May 30, 2011
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Lawler Manufacturing Company manufactures one of the deepest and most time-tested thermostatic mixing valve lines in North America.

Tunstall specializes in the manufacturing of interior thermostatic elements for steam traps using state of the art technology.

Macon Controls is a complete line of valve sizes and non-electric control models.

www.lawlervalve.com www.tunstall-inc.com www.tunstall-inc.com/macon-controls

The company’s sole focus is the safe and comfortable blending of hot and cold water to meet the needs of the industrial plumbing industry and its customers.

Starting with the introduction of the Tunstall capsule, they moved “full steam ahead” to diversify the steam trap product.

Macon Controls are ideal for hydronic and low-pressure steam heating applications – and they deliver up to 30 percent energy savings.

R.L. Deppmann Products Include:

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