Griswold Chemical Pot Feeders Part Deux

Norm Hall
September 19, 2011
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The Clothing They Wear.

Chemical feeders or “Pot-feeders” want to be fashionable too. Specifying a chemical feeder without a detail is like telling your son he should wear a suit to a special dinner. You assume he will wear socks and shoes, but can you be sure that he will? In today’s world, if it’s not specified, you may not get it! Last week the Monday Morning Minute article explored the advantages of the Griswold brand of feeders. Today we look at the trim you should have in the specification.

FB Series Optional Pedestal Chemical Feeder Funnel Package and valve package chemical feeders
Chemical feeders - cartridge filter assembly

GRISWOLD series FB-52-SB-CS-Z two gallon and FB-5-SB-CS-Z five gallon and FB-12-SB-CS-Z twelve gallon pot feeders.

Specify the FP-75 funnel package with valve, the VP-75 valve package for inlet/outlet valves with PT plugs for pressure drop measurement, and the P-1-2 pedestal (if needed)

NEW SPACE AND MONEY SAVING OPTIONAL CARTRIDGE FILTER eliminates the need for a separate side-stream cartridge filter. Call for more information!

View schedule in DWG format -OR- specification in PDF format.

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